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The One Star Goodnight


Bravo Too Much

By Christopher Dufour

One Star Goodnight


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Jack Dooley’s back in Texas. And he owes someone a favor.

A child is kidnapped. Jack’s former FBI buddy, Rick Sears, enlists Jack's help to track down the child and solve the case. But despite the greener grass he wanted to find in Fort Worth, Jack is descending into a mess of drugs, alcohol, fisticuffs, and cybercrime. In this sequel to The One Star Goodnight, Jack runs the gauntlet to face a lost little boy, strippers, friends who think he’s a jerk, a mythical hacker, an honest-to-God Texas Ranger, and the monkey on his back.


It ain’t easy being an asshole…


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Bravo Too Much



Jack Dooley is stuck in small-time, southern-fried, college town Hattiesburg. He wants out but he's trapped by his band, his family, and his own apathy. Then one day, Jack's golden ticket appears: a job for his uncle that might just score enough cash to give Jack the kick in the pants he needs to leave. Trouble is, this job will propel Jack into a maze of corporate espionage, doublecrosses, and ultimately...revenge. Set against seldom seen corners of the Deep South, The One Star Goodnight tours a rich cast of characters in its examination of Mississippi culture, Dixie crime, and self-deception. Never underestimate a redneck...

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Christopher Dufour is the author of The One Star Goodnight and Bravo Too Much. He has also written a number of short stories in various genres like science and speculative fiction (a collection of which is forthcoming).


He is a noted national security consultant, disinformation researcher, lecturer, and instructor. He has written extensively on the intersection of modern persuasion science and social communications technology.


His favorite comic book is The Legion of Super-Heroes, TMK-era. His next novel in The Jack Dooley Series, Cubicle Strategy, will be published in 2021.

He lives in Fort Worth, Texas.



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