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Coming Soon (April 2020)

I am very proud to announce that Bravo Too Much is winging its way to Amazon. The second novel featuring wayward Texan Jack Dooley, Bravo features a new cast of characters as Jack finds himself in his native Fort a few familiar faces.

You can preorder Bravo Too Much for your Kindle here. This same link will be updated on May 31st when the print edition is published, so check back then if you want a physical copy. If you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you'll be able to read Bravo Too Much for free when it's released.

Second time around the sun

You don't need to have read The One Star Goodnight to enjoy Bravo, although there is some connective tissue between the two and a lot of (I hope) fun surprises for folks who read and enjoyed One Star.

I had an absolute blast writing this one, having germinated the kernels of the story way back in 2000/2001. It took me moving back to Fort Worth to really build a foundation for this story, however, as the city figures heavily into the background. I've been accused of describing places and settings too much. Fair criticism. But The Fort is a character in itself in Bravo, and I hope that's come through. It won't be the last novel I set in Fort Worth either.

If you're reading this newsletter as a subscriber, then you've already met Jack Dooley's friends Tex and Preacher from the newsletter-exclusive short story "Texas, Preacher, and the Cajun." These two have been a delight to write in all their peculiarity, and I hope you like them. I really wanted to up the crazy in this one, and these two characters were there for me as instruments to do that in a fun way.

Listen to the sounds

The official Bravo Too Much playlist is up on Spotify and available for your listening pleasure. Unfortunately, you'll notice several tracks are not accessible through the service itself. That's because those songs are uploads from my own private music collection, digital remnants of CDs and peer-to-peer bootlegs. Some of them are truly incredible listens, like "Evidence for Running Away," a post-punk killer from old Fort Worth sonicalyzers Soviet Space. If you're really interested in hearing some of these, shoot me a note, and I'll see what I can do.

The Spotify playlist was a great exercise in working out hard-to-quantify pieces of Bravo. Sometimes words just didn't come to describe a situation or a mood, but I could listen to a song and get there. So the playlist shouldn't be construed as solely a soundtrack you should listen to as you read, although that's certainly doable. The playlist does unfold chronologically parallel to the book's plot though, and there are many, many story clues hidden inside it. Listening to the playlist and perhaps digging into some of the lyrics of certain songs will undoubtedly give you some insight into a particular character, scene, or emotion as you read. It's not necessary, but I thought it would be a fun little add-on to your reading experience.

Once Bravo Too Much is out, I'm planning on doing a "behind-the-scenes" commentary on the playlist for a future newsletter. More to follow!


It seems like I'm always saying it, but I always mean it and my momma taught me I should always show some respect for those that do you a solid. So, again and forever, thanks for reading. Thanks for getting the word out about these books. Your recommendations mean the world to me. In the below bullet list you can find easy links to share for others who might want to take a chance on this Dooley jerk.


Before Bravo...

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